Magicians for hire in Charlotte

matjamesMatthew James Magician

Guaranteed you will ask him how he has so much energy. He keeps going and going and the show is high vibe the whole time. No 10 minute drawn out card trick. His show is packed full of magic and doesn’t stop. What that means for you is that your guests will be HOOKED.




51599ab4947a5_largeHaydini: Rare Magic Well Done

Whether your guests be 8-80 years old, everyone will love Haydini’s breathtaking magic, illusion, mind reading and comedy. The show can be seen by adults, teens, and children alike! Haydini includes several audience members in each routine.




Jonathan Cress has professional experience in many different entertainment venues including birthday parties, Corporate Events, Church events, Community events, restaurant entertainment and more.



I start with a theatrical magic show that captivates the children. If the occasion is a birthday the star of the show is the birthday child (they love to help).All the drama brings the children to their feet with excitement.


Magicians in Charlotte make party events exciting for both kids and adults

matjamesOrganizing events is just the most stressful work that you can ever come across and it really can make you run around for party ideas. While most people conduct events for numerous occasions, it really requires those essential inclusions that make parties wonderful. It is not just the food, decorations, venue or even the guest list that you need to take care of, but the event entertainment is also important. There are many occasions that find comedians or clowns being hired to make the guests amused. These are the common trends that have captivated the audience for long but it really gets boring for the kids if there are comedians in an event. Even adults tend to find the usual kind of entertainment rather repetitive. So if you want your event to be a success and remembered for long, choose Magicians in Charlotte for those wonderful magical sessions that everyone will enjoy.

Magicians do tricks for all. They are not just restricted to entertaining the kids alone but adults will be engrossed to their performance. In fact, there are some events that are remembered for the fun that everyone had due to the entertainment. Children love watching magic tricks being performed in front of them and it is not just the little ones but their parents and other guests are enthralled by their tricks. Magicians Charlotte are experienced performers that have captivated people with their interesting tricks for many years. If you find stuck up finding ideas for kid’s birthday or weddings, then rest assured to get the most amazing entertainment for the occasion from the Charlotte magicians.

These are the brilliant performers that are known for mesmerizing with their tricks to all ages. The little ones will be fascinated by the loads of spectacular tricks that they do. They will even ask the guests to participate which of course is highly engaging. In fact, the present trend depicts that many people look to conduct bookings for Magicians in Charlotte well in advance. Given the massive popularity and the service, people are inclined to have them performing for various occasions. The professional magicians call up guests from the audience and ask them to be a part of the trick and help them. It is really exciting to see the guests being drawn to such kind of entertainment and you already know that the party is a success.

Parties are not just about food and decorations, it’s about being a lovely host and ensuring that the guests are not bored at all. Most family occasions will have kids coming with their parents and it is quite easy to understand why they’d rather want to get back home quickly as they do not feel excited. To make occasions fun and engaging for all ages, trust the reliable service of Magicians Charlotte that have been dedicated to performing for years. The industry reputation of these performers is huge and you will be amazed to find that they are reasonable enough to be included in your party essentials list.

While adults can engage into talking and taking care of the kids, the children often feel left out in occasions that are organized by the family. Well, the Matthew James Magician is here to make sure that both the kids and adults enjoy the occasion. They are a great inclusion for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, family get together and many more such events.