Magicians for hire in Charlotte

matjamesMatthew James Magician

Guaranteed you will ask him how he has so much energy. He keeps going and going and the show is high vibe the whole time. No 10 minute drawn out card trick. His show is packed full of magic and doesn’t stop. What that means for you is that your guests will be HOOKED.




51599ab4947a5_largeHaydini: Rare Magic Well Done

Whether your guests be 8-80 years old, everyone will love Haydini’s breathtaking magic, illusion, mind reading and comedy. The show can be seen by adults, teens, and children alike! Haydini includes several audience members in each routine.




Jonathan Cress has professional experience in many different entertainment venues including birthday parties, Corporate Events, Church events, Community events, restaurant entertainment and more.



I start with a theatrical magic show that captivates the children. If the occasion is a birthday the star of the show is the birthday child (they love to help).All the drama brings the children to their feet with excitement.


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